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dean, perfectly made and largelyfreeof oak. Second, Spain has a variety of indigenous white grapes that create unique dry white wines such as Aibarifio, Godello and Verdejoto name but three. Really, you cannot go wrong with Spanish whites if you’re looking for a good-value dry white wine togo with a simple fish dish, shellfish or just as an aperitif. It’s the ideal choice, by the way, if you’re looking for real value on a restaurant wine list. Cru Beaujolais If you want to know what wine insiders are buying and drinking in the United States and France today, it’s cru Beaujolais. The term « cru » refers to the ten districts within the larger region of Beaujolais in France that create that the greatest wines, names such as Morgon, Moulin-à-Vent and Fleurie, among others. The grape variety is always lOO% Gamay.